3 Ways You Can Preserve Youthful-Looking Skin

During this unprecedented time, we are looking for ways to stay entertained while enjoying the summer. With cooler weather still months away, the 100-plus degree weather in South Texas can easily take a toll on our skin and health. Skin can change due to local humidity, temperature, and/or atmospheric pressure. San Antonio‚Äôs subtropical skin stressors […]

How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

The liver is an organ that is located in your right side of our upper abdomen. It sits just under your rib cage and responsible for digesting the foods you eat and getting rid of toxic substances. The liver is one of the largest organ in your body. It converts the nutrients in our diets […]

5 Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do at Home

Gyms are re-opening around the world, but most individuals are put off by the numerous limitations, risks, and the fact that they no longer have so much time to devote to exercise. Within the fitness industry, Covid-19 has begun a revolution, and the latest trend is all about at-home training. You’ll need to understand some […]